We also offer EWI lessons (including online lessons) 


EWI stands for Electric Wind Instrument, and is used as the main instrument by the Japanese fusion band “T-SQUARE”. The EWI is a so-called “electronic saxophone,” and is popular among newcomers to the instrument because it can produce sounds with the same breath as a recorder.

It has a full range of functions, such as fingering, breath controller, vibrato controller, etc., so that you can express yourself in the same way as a saxophone. It is also less expensive than the saxophone. (The average price of a top-end saxophone is around 300,000-400,000 yen, and an EWI is around 60,000 yen.

There are three main features of the EWI
(1) The keys are touch-sensitive,so the keys do not spring back like a saxophone, and the response is severe. The response is severe.
(2) The airway is narrow. When you blow normally, you need to let air escape from the side of your mouth. →In order to avoid this, I have modified my mouthpiece a little. Click here for details.
(3) Pitch bend is not done with the mouth, but with the right thumb controller. It’s similar to choking on a guitar or pitch bender on a keyboard.
(4) Since it is an electronic instrument, the volume can be adjusted. Therefore, you can play it at home without hesitation. It is also ideal for online lessons.

The expression of the EWI can be completely changed by using the pitch bend and other unique functions. If you want to learn and improve your EWI, we can give you lessons at our school.

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